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New song + BC

2017-01-23 17:33:41 by ZinkoDruru

New song!


Also,I have a BandCamp,but I dunno if I'll ever use it.

nice stream lockyn

2017-01-06 23:43:50 by ZinkoDruru

i can't thank you enough and the other three for making me scouted,plus the stream was pretty fun-

i was pretty nervous hah


10/10 variations kappa


2016-12-22 20:49:49 by ZinkoDruru

Surprised of how critic I became with audios...

Well,at least it isn't like messing around and being rude to the artists. I actually try to help them honestly.

Spaze has become my thing over these days. First with Awakening,then with Careless and other tracks... Same goes to xKore,with "Die B**tch!" and "Event Horizon" in particular.

Dunno why "Event Horizon" is quite a preferred name.


2016-12-05 01:44:34 by ZinkoDruru

I just uploaded some other stuff I've done before. I seem to be really good at doing such stuff...

Wandering around

2016-06-24 14:36:24 by ZinkoDruru

Since I got nothing to do,I just thought why not update this profile.

Starting up with games

2015-04-05 21:54:55 by ZinkoDruru

Stared up with games! :D

I earned at least a medal


2015-04-05 18:25:42 by ZinkoDruru

Used Geometry Dash,I come here because I want to download some songs.

Like for an example, "Detious - Golden Haze" (SongID: 557117)

Geometry Dash is my fav game so far and I kinda like this site because of the audios,and I found've the actual reason why my songs got removed: Copyright/Non-free releases.